Are You a Smartphone Zombie

Is There Any Harm of Smartphone Addiction in the Street?

BBC reporter Tim Jones decided to find out the answer to this question. He walked along the street and shouted into a megaphone. He convinced people to get off their smartphones.
In the Jeremy Vine Show Johns said it was ‘amazing to see how many people have their heads buried in their phones’. He also described people ‘completely oblivious’ to the whole world.
Of course, no one likes to be headed off their daily affairs by a person with a megaphone. A lot of Twitter users noted it.
Was there any sense?

Traffic accidents have recently happened more common with people using smartphones. They are not attentive.
Should we put our phones in our pockets until we’re out of harm’s way?

Are You a Smartphone Zombie
Are You a Smartphone Zombie
Are You a Smartphone Zombie
Are You a Smartphone Zombie

Is It Necessary To Prohibit The Use of Phones On Busy Streets?

Thanks to the rapid development of technology, the importance of smartphones in our lives has also increased. We use them in almost all spheres of life.
We can pay all kinds of services through the application in the phone. Paying casino games is also possible. We can ask Google to show us the way to any point of the world. Thanks to our phones, we can get the information, even scientific knowledge. We can check the news. Thus, the phone is an entertainment and a source of knowledge any time.
This makes it almost impossible to put our phones away. We can listen to music and podcasts, contact our friends, watch movies and catch up online broadcastings.
Why have we become ‘smartphone zombies’?

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What Harm Can We Get While Using Phones

Probably Tim Jones (in the segment for The Jeremy Vine Show, which you can listen to here) wanted to make people understand how dangerous using the phone on the street.
His phrases “look at the curb” and “mind that the bus” should be revealing to people that tragic events can occur in their life. And the fault is their inattention while they are crossing the road with ‘their heads buried in their phones’.
His exhortations to realize the phrases ‘less Instagram, more road awareness’ and ‘you’re life is more important than Facebook’ caused a flurry of emotions among people. Many of them immediately began to post in Twitter. They tried to describe the defense of their phones. They also noted the importance of smartphone activity and its advantages for life.

Look through some of the responses Johns got on Twitter below:

• Many people noted that there were so many tasks that pedestrians can solve using smartphones and it’s not just chatting and checking social resources

• many people expressed their displeasure with Tim Jones’ shouting

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• a lot of people thought that Johns has too much free time…

• and there were some people who agreed with Johns…

Put off the Phone!

A lot of information on Twitter does not really concern Jones’s shouting. But as Jones says, the people of opposite sides have their evidence of rightwards.
Smartphones often help us to enrich our travels, have fun during the trip and even husten the solution of some tasks. In addition, they help us to be online everywhere.
But at the same time they prompt us to dangerous incidents. And it’s necessary to understand that you can not be distracted by the phone acrossing the road. And yet many people do not want to understand such obvious things. Besides, it’s boring to walk with a person bumping into the phone

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The Guide For Road Safety

Disputes can continue for a long time. And in order to keep you safe, we present to you our unique road safety guide.

Do Not Play Games While You Walking Along the Street Or Crossing The Road.
And even if it is too obvious, we will repeat again – do not cross the road looking at your smartphone. Be careful in order not to be distracted while walking, so as not to endanger yourself. Each our reader is precious for us and we wish only good luck for you.

Enjoy The Phone While You Are Out Of Danger.
Smartphones are a gadget for fun and pleasure. We spend a huge amount of money on gadgets. Enjoy using it in any safe place – at home, in a bar or in a park.

Communicate With Other People.
The most important rule in life is to remain always a decent person. And oneща the ways to understand people is to put in their place. In such way you understand what kind of behavior can irritate them. Maybe it’s behavior annoying you?

Share Your Thoughts With Us!

Share your opinion.
What annoys you in smartphone zombies? Or are you a smartphone zombie?
Have you got any funny and interesting stories related to the use of smartphones in the street? And maybe they will teach us?
We look forward to hearing stories from you.

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