How Can You Protect Yourself From PayPal Fraud?

We are often faced with fraud in real life. And we usually know how to avoid it. What’ s on the Net? Any PayPal casino warrant you perfect safety in case you’re attentive. Any licensed operator should keep you safe from any swindler.

Protection outside the casino

Swindles become more and more perfect in their ways of deception. So, to avoid it you should scan it in time.
That’s why we have worked out for you a guide which could be used in case you are faced with a dubious email “from PayPal”.

How Can You Identify The Swindler?

The easiest ways to recognize email swindler do not demand any special knowledge.

  • Checking The Address of The Email
    The most simple way is checking the sender of the email. You can find sender’s address at the top of the email. The address like [email protected] is exactly fake.
  • Block Email Addresses

It’s rather easy to block scam emails and to keep blacklisted email addresses. Such way helps you to be sure you don’t get cheated. Moreover, it’s very useful for other internet users to post the address on an online forum. In this way you warn other people about their scam.

Identification REAL PayPal Emails

There are some tips for identification the real PayPal emails:

  • The sender of PayPal emails is It’s impossible to fake the full name. Email address are sometimes almost alike which shows rather sophisticated scams. You should be careful.
  • PayPal always use your first and last name, or a business name for addressing you. Nothing else.
  • PayPal will never ask your private information through email. Don’t inform your passwords, bank accounts or card numbers.
  • They will never ask you to download software or attachments.
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Do Not Believe Too Good Promises

It takes a little prudence to understand that a too good promise could not be a true one.
The same situation with online swindlers. Any offers they promise that tempts you to click the link is better to avoid.

For example, swindlers may offer:

  • Free Money. Ignore any promises of putting free cash into your account.
  • Promises of Payment. You should check that any payment you receive through going directly to your own account.
  • Telltale Buzzwords. “High Profit!”, “No Risk!”, and “Act Now!” are words to attract you. Do not click on any links.
  • Fake Charities. Swindlers can try to force a donation using natural disasters and tragedies. That money will never get the recipient. To ensure if the charity is existed type the name in the official government website and you will be sure that it is registered

Some Examples of Fraud Emails

There are some more sophisticated tactics which swindlers use to make you for parting you from your money. For example, you can find the following phrases:

  • “You’ve been paid too much.”
  • “You’ve just been paid!”
  • “Your account will be suspended…”
  • “Click this link here!”

These phrases are an obvious deception. Some words could be too alike to the truth. In any case, ensure that you have checked the other signs before clicking any link.

Share Your Experiences

If you were a target of cheating share your experience. Help other people to avoid it. Tell us your story.
The more ways and phrases we learn, the easier to fight fraud!

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